Ladder Training

This course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for the safe set up and use of portable ladders and step ladders.

Course Duration

½ Day (max 10 candidates)

Starting Time

9 am


Theory and Practical Examination

Course Content
  • Overview of Legislation and Regualtions
  • Standards & Classifications
  • Assessment of risk
  • Ladder types / Step ladder types
  • Planning of working at heights
  • Selection of correct ladder type
  • Pre-use inspection
  • Safe set up / Positioning and securing of ladders / Step ladders
  • Safe ascending and descending
  • Safe working practices from ladders / Step ladders
  • Storage, handling and maintenance of ladders
  • I.D (Passport or Driving licence)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Participants should not have an aversion to working at heights

On successful completion of the Ladder Training Course candidates will be issued with a Carroll Training Certificate valid for 3 years.